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Drinking Water Testing
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Drinking Water Testing

Water supplied by the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department is amongst the safest drinking water in the world. However, poor maintenance of the drinking water plumbing system may deteriorate the quality of tap water. In order to make sure the consumers could enjoy drinking water with good quality, the Water Supplies Department (WSD) has launched the “”Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water (Plus)”, as to assist building owners or building management agents to monitor and maintain the water supplies systems.

The table below shows the acceptable limits of the water quality indicators adopted by the Scheme.


Parameters Acceptable Limits
pH 6.5 – 9.2
Color ≦15 TCU (HU)
Conductivity ≦300 µS/cm
Turbidity ≦ 3 NTU
Iron ≦ 0.30 mg/L
Total Coliform Not Detected in 100mL sample
E. coli Not Detected in 100mL sample
Lead ≦10 µg/L
Cadmium ≦3 µg/L
Chromium ≦50 µg/L
Nickel ≦70 µg/L

Participation of the Scheme is voluntary and the successful applicants will be awarded a Certificate to recognize proper maintenance of the plumbing systems inside a building for keeping the good quality of government supplied water throughout the inside service up to consumers’ taps. To apply for the Certificate, water tank of the building shall be cleaned and inspected, and the tap water at user points should be tested regularly. The requirements and the application form for the Scheme is available at the web-site of WSD.

Under the Scheme, the applicant is required to appoint a HOKLAS accredited laboratory for the water tests. Enviro Labs Ltd. (ELL) is registered as a HOKLAS accredited laboratory (HOKLAS 128) and ALL the parameters listed by the Scheme are HOKLAS accredited.



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