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Enviro Labs Limited | Soil & Compost Testing - Compost Maturity Testing
Compost Maturity Testing
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Soil & Compost Testing Services

Compost Maturity Testing

The maturity of compost refers to the completeness of the composting process. Determination of the maturity of compost is important as it reveals the potential impact of the compost on the availability of nitrogen, a major nutrient for plant growth in soil or growth media.

Mature compost benefits plant growth without depleting the oxygen or nitrogen in soil. While immature compost could be used to increase the amount of organic matter in soil, despite the fact that it may have undesirable properties like odor or even substances inhibiting plant growth. Compost maturity could be determined from the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio.

According to the CCQC (California Compost Quality Council), Compost Maturity Index could be related to the characteristics summarized in the following table:

Very Mature Mature Immature
Well cured compost Cured compost Uncured compost
No odors Odor production not likely Odors likely
No potential toxicity Limited toxicity potential High toxicity potential
No continued decomposition Minimal impacts on soil nitrogen Significant impacts on soil nitrogen

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