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Enviro Labs Limited | Soil & Compost Testing - Soil Texture Testing
Soil Texture Testing
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Soil & Compost Testing

Soil Texture Testing

Soil can be classified into four major textural classes, namely, sands, silts, loams and clays. Soil texture is important characteristic as it affects various soil properties such as drainage, water holding capacity, aeration, susceptibility to erosion, organic matter content, cation exchange capacity, etc; all these factors could have in turn a large impact on plant or crop growth.

Soil texture is categorized by determining the proportion of particles with different size present in the soil.

Diameter in mm Definition
2.0-1.0 Very coarse sand
1.0-0.5 Coarse sand
0.5-0.25 Medium sand
0.25-0.10 Fine sand
0.10-0.05 Very fine sand
0.05-0.002 Silt
<0.002 Clay

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