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Enviro Labs Limited | Microbiological Testing Services - Yeast & Mold
Yeast & Mold
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Microbiological Testing Services

Yeast & Mold

Both yeast and mold belong to the kingdom of fungus. Yeast is either round or oval in shape, while mold is long cell look like thread which comprise the structure of filamentous fungi.

Humid and warm environment in Hong Kong provides a perfect growing condition for yeast and mold. There are over hundreds of  species of yeast and mold that cause food spoilage. These organisms could invade raw materials, food processing equipment, and food storage facilities. Enviro Labs Ltd. (ELL) can help you to determine yeast and mold populations throughout your food processing plant. Routine checking of yeast & mold count in environment (air, water, and surfaces) of storage facilities is an important step to ensure your valuable food will not be degraded by these microorganisms.

ELL holds HOKLAS accreditation for testing yeast & mold in food samples. Call us at 2676 2983 or e-mail info@envirolabs.com.hk for details of the services.