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Enviro Labs Limited | Microbiological Testing Services - Total Bacterial Count
Total Bacterial Count
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Microbiological Testing Services

Total Bacteria Count

Total Bacterial Count (TBC), also known as Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC), Heterotrophic Colony Count (HCC), Aerobic Plate Count (APC), Total Plate Count (TPC), or Standard Plate Count (SPC), represents the total bacterial load in a given sample. It is a test to detect all viable microorganisms that could grow aerobically on plate count agar at appropriate incubation condition (usually 37ºC, 48hrs). The TBC tests could reflect the general hygiene condition of a sample. Guideline values of TBC depends on nature of samples, and they may be varied in different countries. The following shows some of the guideline values of TBC.

  • Swimming Pool Water – not exceed 200 cfu/mL (Hong Kong)
  • Drinking Water – not exceed 100 cfu/mL (China)
  • Cooling Tower Water – not exceed 105 cfu/mL (Hong Kong)
  • Ready-to-eat Food – < 103 to 107 cfu/g depends on food types (Hong Kong)

       cfu = colony forming unit

Enviro Labs Ltd. (ELL) holds HOKLAS accreditation for testing Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) or Aerobic Plate Count (APC) in water, wastewater, marine water, and food samples. Call us at 2676 2983 or e-mail info@envirolabs.com.hk for details of the services.