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Genetically Modified (GM) Food Testing

“Genetically modified (GM) food”(基因改造食物) refers to any food or food ingredient that is, or is derived from, an organism in which the genetic material has been modified using modern biotechnology.


Enviro Labs offers GM food screening (35S, NOS) service to detect if there is any GM material in your products. We are using the latest polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to ensure the accuracy of results.

環境化驗有限公司提供基因改造物質篩檢測試 (35S, NOS),檢查食品是否含有基因改造物質。為確保測試結果的準確性,我們使用最新即時聚合酶連鎖反應(RT-PCR)科技進行檢測。

Common GM Foods 常見基因改造食品:

  • Soya bean 黃豆

  • Corn 粟米

In Hong Kong, GM food labelling is voluntary. Prepackaged food items with 5% or more GM materials in their respective food ingredient(s) are recommended to be labelled as “genetically modified”.

在香港,基因改造食品標籤是自願的。任何食物如其個別配料含有百分之五或以上的基因改造物質,可依照規定的方式在標籤上註明" 基因改造" 。

Should the trade wish to apply negative labelling other than “GM free” and similar labels to any food ingredients derived from non-GM sources (which contains less than 5% of GM content), the trade should ensure that there should be documentation to substantiate such declaration. 

業界若想 用標籤來表明任何食物配料 來自非基因改造來源 (含有少於百 分之五的基因改造成分 ),則須具備有關證明文件以支持有關的聲明。

References 參考

  1. Guidelines on Voluntary Labelling of Genetically Modified (GM) Food (PDF), HKSAR

  2. 基因改造食物自願標籤指引 (PDF), 香港特別行政區


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