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Product Testing 產品測試

Would like to test the performance of new products? With our experienced chemists, microbiologists and engineers, Enviro Labs could help to design and conduct the performance tests for you. Call us now at 2676 2983 (whatsapp 9811 2983), and discuss with our scientists for experimental design.


想測試新產品的效能嗎?環境化驗擁有經驗豐富的化學家、微生物學家和工程師,可以幫助您設計和進行性能測試。現在就致電 2676 2983 (whatsapp 9811 2983) 與我們聯繫,並與我們的科學家討論實驗設計。

Need help or have a question? 需要幫忙或有任何疑問?

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