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Our recent news and activity

AOW® 室內消毒殺菌服務

04:24 07 February in Promotion by ELL admin

針對近日疫情,各界對應室內空氣質素(IAQ)對健康影響日趨緊張,「環境化驗」 (ELL) 伙拍香港科學園內的科研公司「依格安顧問公司」(GRN),推出 IAQ 及 室內空氣菌量的快速評估,及利用其專利AOW®技術為室內空間作全面消毒服務。 此服務適合各類型辦公室,會所,診所及護老院等。 ...

Drinking Water Testing Services Promotion

09:58 18 September in 未分類 by ELL admin

Customer(s) can sample on your own and submit your sample to Enviro Labs Limited - Sheung Wan Office   Promotion Testing Fee: Lead(Pb) Content : $200/sample Lead(Pb), Cadmium(Cd), Chromium(Cr), Nickel(Ni) content: $400/sample Lead(Pb), Cadmium(Cd), Chromium(Cr), Nickel(Ni), Copper(Cu), Antimony(Sb) content : $500/sample   What you need to prepare for sampling?  ...