Enviro Labs Limited | Soil & Compost Testing Services
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Soil & Compost Testing Services

Soil and compost quality are directly related to crop yields. To test soil quality and identify potential agricultural problems, testing is a must. Enviro Labs Ltd. has advanced equipment and facilities to provide tests including nutrients composition test, soil texture and compost maturity.

Soil Nutrients Test

A soil test reveals the nutrients composition of the soil or compost. Since different plants require nutrients with different quantities to grow best, determination of the nutrients in soil or compost could help gardeners or farmers to optimize their crops or plants.

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Soil Texture Test

Soil can be classified into four major textural classes, namely, sands, silts, loams and clays. Soil texture is important characteristic as it affects various soil properties such as drainage, water holding capacity, aeration, susceptibility to erosion, organic matter content, cation exchange capacity, etc; all these factors could have in turn a large impact on plant or crop growth.

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Compost Maturity Test

The maturity of compost refers to the completeness of the composting process. Determination of the maturity of compost is important as it reveals the potential impact of the compost on the availability of nitrogen, a major nutrient for plant growth in soil or growth media.

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